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Dr Suriya Ramachandran is a General Practitioner from India which is one of the most developed and reputed healthcare centers. She is adept in diagnostic investigations, differential diagnosis, interventional therapy and designing effective treatment plans for both chronic and emergency conditions of all systems of the body. She practices empathetic care and strongly believes in emotional, social and spiritual well-being imperative for physical health. Her education and growth is deeply rooted in Dubai, but her career in medicine was molded in India.

Dr Suriya has a special interest for neurological and psychiatric conditions as she believes the ill health of the mind can be just as detrimental as serious physical conditions. She also has an interest in lactation, breastfeeding, maternal mental health and post-natal wellbeing of new mothers and is pursuing her IBCLC certification. Combining her skills for reasearch and interest in music she has integrated arts and music with medical management of cancer patients with the support from Cochin Biennial Foundation while she practiced in India, which impacted her greatly and established her faith in holistic management of diseases. Family Medicine has been the key stakeholder in her medical career as it entails all systems of the human body and has the potential to truly connect with a patient with multiple chronic conditions.

English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Urdu and Kannada.